Polycore Composites
  Distributor . 
     North and South America. 
     6935 Speedway Blvd. Building 1.
     Las Vegas.  NV89115.
     Office: 702.834.5900.
     Fax:    702.834.5901.
     Cell:    61. 408.664.338. David O'Brien
     Cell:        251.300.1408. Fred Winters

Australian Resellers:
    We have lost all of our resellers due to the world economic downturn
        Should you require any Polycore please contact Maggie at our head office for your needs.   INT:  61 7 54658286   AUS: 07 5465 8286.
    Sadly many of the finest marine fabricators in this country have been forced out of business due to no fault of their own.
The mistakes made by outside forces have destroyed so many; those that brought the catastrophy about, should be held to account be they politician or banker, for the destruction of so many lives and businesses.
Australian Composite Panels
have had to close their doors due to the economic downturn.
 One of the best composite companies in this country!
A Terrible Loss!