Polycore Composites
Polycore. FR.
Fire Retarded Core and Panels.
Fire Retardent Consultancy. PDF:
Polycore. FR.  Nil Ignition and Nil Spread of Flame.
Polycore has achieved a world first with it's Polypropylene Honeycomb Core and Panels!
The PP8-S and PP8-H Core can be supplied with an advanced fire treatment, this has resulted in a plastic honeycomb core that will not ignite, without ignition there is no spread of flame, without fire there are no toxic fumes to worry about.
Polycore Fire Retarded core can be combined with FR laminates  thus making a super lightweight  High Quality High Strenth Fr panel for use in all forms of construction.
Fire is a major risk in Caravans, RV's, Boats, Houses, Offices, Mining accomodation units and numerous other areas, Polycore FR Panels can alleviate most of that risk and still achieve the other benefits that Polycore has to offer, that is a High Structural Strength, Sound Absorbing, Insulating, Lighter Weight Finished Panel!
What you see below are two Pieces of core that have been subjected to a flame tip temperature of 1170 Centigrade one for fifty seconds the other for seventy seconds both without penetration, ignition or spread of flame. The other has a laminate bonded to it and has surved the same flame tip temperature as the other two but for a period of 15 minutes for the same result.