Polycore Composites

About us:

Over the last 45 years, the principles of this Company have been involved in the transport and boat building industries. During their time in the boat building industry they  gained  wide experience with a variety of materials for both new boat building and renovations, embracing new, better technologies and materials as they have came into being. Always the owners of one boat or another, they are “hands on” mariners having sailed or motored a variety of vessels ranging from Power boats ,mono hulls, catamarans to trimarans. A short time ago the manufacturer of honeycomb core panels sent us some samples of polypropylene honeycomb core panels, we were so impressed with the quality of these panels we formed Polycore Composites around this specific product and associated items. These Polycore honeycomb™ panels can be used for endless applications in both boat building and many other areas of industry and we are positive that after you have used our product you will be as impressed as we are!

We will supply Polycore honeycomb™ core products to you, the consumer, with an emphasis on Honesty, Quality and service.

About!!!   Just what is it all about?

It's About You:

Our job is to make your job easier every way we can, we try to make a habit of doing things to the best of our ability, don't take our word for it try us out, and judge for yourself!

It's About Service:

To service your needs we supply a wide range of Quality product.

We offer you a custom service should you need a special size or skin laminate please call us!

Whatever your needs, our sales and customer service staff, will endeavor to supply the best quality product, with the best possible service

It's About Quality:

We don't just talk about quality, we at Polycore™  hold ourselves responsible for it, we are dedicated to supplying quality product and service to you our clients.

It's About Convenience:

From your initial contact, to your purchase through to supply and delivery, every person who is involved takes personal responsibility for your satisfaction with the Polycore™ products that you receive.